"We have been using the HK2 program in our community for the past few years and participants have loved it! It is such a great program that teaches young kids the proper way to ride a bicycle and about the rules of the road. More importantly, the program is fun and engaging and keeps kids active."

Anthony Johnson, CPRP
Assistant Director
RSU 5 - Freeport/Pownal/Durham
Recreation & Community Education

"I was introduced to HK2 a few years ago through the My Bike mountain bike series. I found out about the cyclocross program this summer after helping out at the bike rodeo at L.L. Bean, and henceforth joined the program because I like to try new things, especially bike racing, whenever I have a chance.

HK2's motto is Confidence Community Character (CCC), all of which I think help build a better team. Tim and Lenora are really good coaches and are always supportive. And all of this couldn't happen without the support of Scratch Baking Co. I look forward to participating again next year and taking part in the MTB camp."

Aiden Simmons, Age 12

"I appreciate this opportunity to share my experiences with Healthy Kids Happy Kids.
Yarmouth Elementary School, which is partnered with Let's Go!, a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program implemented throughout Maine, encourages students to be physically active and HK2, an expanding program, is a natural easy fit with us.

We are fortunate to live in a community where riding bicycles to school is still possible, safe, and fun. HK2 teaches bike safety, rules of the road, and responsibility incorporated into opportunities to ride and practice, creating authentic experiences.

For the past two years, third grade teacher Todd Abbott has organized a Bike Train to school in May. HK2 has been an essential piece of those successful "trains" providing guidance for safe spacing between bikers, helmet checks, crossing streets correctly, and most importantly, having fun. The students would have a Bike Train every month!

HK2 is a positive experience for students, the end result being happy healthy kids!"

Betsy Lane, Principal
Yarmouth Elementary School
December 2015

"I am 12 years old and have been with HK2 for the past 3 years. And I will tell you what HK2 has been like and done for me.

When I first started HK2, I was 9 and I thought of myself way too much. My first ever bike race was the HK2 summer My Bike Series mountain bike race. I had no idea who Tim and Lenora were at the time but I did know that I really liked biking, really liked to go fast. Right after the race I ran up to my mom and dad and said OMG I loved that. It was so much fun!!! So my mom went up to Lenora and said my son is not a lover of team sports. Do you have another program that he might try because he does not have an interest in doing a ball sport? Lenora will back me up on this one, I was a little young. But Lenora took it as a challenge and said ok, have your son visit the bike room and see if he wants to join the Junior Development Cyclocross program. I blurted out "yes, yes can I" and my mom went right on board with it. So there I was so happy that I was going to see this bike room. One week later I found myself sitting in a chair in the bike room listening to Lenora talk about this cyclocross program and when that was over I was signed right into it. Fast forward 3 years. I have done 17 cyclocross races, 10 mountain bike races, and too many practices to remember. The program is great fun and I still love riding with Tim and Lenora. What I'm trying to say is, in my opinion I think Tim and Lenora have been way better coaches that any Football, Soccer or Lacrosse coaches I have heard of. Thanks, Tim, Lenora, and Esme for helping me to participate in a sport that I love."

Chachi Dilworth

"My first encounters with HK2 were watching kids practice safe biking skills around YES. Kids shared that they were having a blast, and I heard safe coaching tips in the direction of bikers. When I started the YES Bike Train almost three years ago, I knew right away who I wanted as my safety/rules coordinator: HK2. Lenora and alumni of HK2 programs gave guidance, helped with helmet fittings and safety tips, and facilitated what has become an annual tradition at YES. Last year there were over 100 bikes in and around the bike racks at YES on the day of the Bike Train, and I wholly attribute the success of our ride to the help we get from HK2. Thanks, team!"

Todd Abbott

"HK2 has presented bike safety programs to students at the Rowe School for the past 2 years. Lenora Felker has a wonderful way of connecting with children and makes bike safety a fun and informative learning experience. We hope her presentations become a spring ritual at the school."

Ellen Honan

"As a coach, I had the opportunity to work in the after school program and summer camps. I had so much fun working with younger cyclists! Their enthusiasm is contagious! In the after school program, we armed the participants with the tools necessary to ride safely on our roads, making the community a better place for all. At the summer camps, we taught them to hone in on their trail riding abilities. Mountain biking teaches children to believe in themselves, overcome fears, keep negative thoughts at bay, and try hard to do their best. It was magical to witness a young rider accomplish more than they thought possible!"

Nicole Pisani, Coach and Volunteer for HK2

"Last year I was a HK2 Assistant Coach for Lenora with another student. We really enjoyed working with the kids and helping out Lenora. Lenora is really dedicated to teaching children how to bike safely, and I must say she does a very good job at it. The kids all love her and always get so excited telling her that they use the stuff they learned in the camp on their bike rides at home. My favorite part was watching how much the kids improved throughout the bike camp. I remember some of the kids on the first day couldn't even break, and at the end of the camp they went on a huge bike ride around town. I definitely recommend this program for children who are really interested in biking. I know they will have a blast and learn tons. It was a very fun experience, for me and the kids."

Cara Ricciardi, Student and Assistant Coach

"HK2 in my eyes is an organization that teaches you way more than how to ride a bike. HK2 instills confidence, community, and character which teaches individuals to be responsible members of a community, and to give back rather than always take. HK2 teaches young individuals how to be strong responsible leaders."

Angelea Preston, Nurse, Category 3 Cyclist, and HK2 Mentor

"The bike rally that HK2 hosted at L.L.Bean's Kids Festival last summer was awesome! Over 200 children experienced their super fun obstacle course and benefited from Tim and Lenora's cycling expertise. They are now on the path to becoming life-long cycling enthusiasts thanks to this wonderful introduction."

Bill Yeo, Outdoor Discovery School Manager

"I first entered the HK2 program when I was 11 (I think) in the cyclocross junior development program. I spent lots of time riding with the team and racing in local cyclocross races. When I began riding I was a cyclocross novice and had no idea how to properly mount and dismount my bike. By the time that I went off to boarding school where I race bicycles on the mountain bike team and the cycling team I had progressed to occasionally standing on the podium. Over the 2015 summer I was a volunteer junior coach where I spent two weeks riding with some young rippers. I saw the beginners learn to ride some epic features and some of the more advanced riders support them when they were put up against this difficult terrain. The HK2 program has developed my skills as a mountain bike rider and coach."

Morgan Sawyer

"I can't believe my son's progress on his bike - we actually went up to Freeport and got him a 20 inch 6 speed with a hand brake that I had to pry him off of last night to go to bed. He is really looking forward to class tomorrow; thank you so much. What a gift! It's going to be a great summer!"