Welcome Back to Hk2 cycling fun!

2017 Brings some changes and alot more fun!

We have four bike camps this year on Cousins Island and the West Side Trail. Please check out camp dates and times. Ages vary from week to week and there are a couple of weeks that we do a day trip during our camps to Chebegue Island for a mountain bike adventure.

This year we are taking a season break with our after school bike programs. We all have young children we needed to spend a bit more time with. However we do have private classes for Minis and Elementary kids. Please contact Lenora directly (lenorafelkerhk2@gmail.com) to set up a class in your neighborhood or with your family.

We will still be having our awesome Clam Festival Kids event, the Sunday of Clam Festival. We also have our My Bike Series for kids who want to learn how to mountain bike ride and do kid friendly mountain bike racing. The emphasis is on fun not fatigue!! Please check out our cycling programs page and our events page for full details.

All 2017 event information will be posted to our site soon along with contact information. If you need further information, please contact Hk2 at Lenorafelkerhk2@gmail.com.

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